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WK ACT4 - 25 YEARS 1989 -2014

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240 pages
Edited by WK Interact
30.7 x 28.4 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Drago

Act-4 25 Years is a book that brings together 25 years of the work of WK Interact, from the beginnings in 1989 to the present day. It is a sort of an anthology where his most important works are collected. From his very first show as 17-Painting Installation at Colette Gallery in Paris, France (1998) or the exhibition at Dazed & Confused Gallery in London, UK (2002) until the WK-360 mid – career survey documenting 25 years at Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC (2013).

In the late 1990s his images began appearing on building facades in downtown Manhattan, complimenting the constant stir of bodies and the perpetual motion of contemporary urban life in the fast-paced city and for 25 years WK has never stopped working on the street, from small spots to huge murals: his activity - especially in NYC – has always been particularly productive.

In Act-4 25 Years, his major works on the street are collected and explained to the readers, as the 9/11 project at the World Trade Center, the great installation in Mexico City or the one in Ancona, Italy. There will also be several interview with WKand an exhaustive biography.