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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Akay & Peter - Urban Recreation


192 pages
Text(s) by XXX / Edited by Akay and Peter Baranoswki
XX x XX cm (hauteur x largeur. Ex.: 25.8 x 19.6 avec le point et non pas la virgule)
Language: English
Publisher: Dokument Press

In the book Urban Recreation, Akay and Peter display thirteen projects of the last four years. The most famous is Traffic Island, the little red cottage that lay on a cliff between two heavily trafficked roads until October this year. The Barsky Brothers have asked four people they rely on to help them tell their tale. Writer Kidpele describes their projects.

Rasmus Malm, freelance journalist and editor of the documentary magazine Re:Public Service, has accompanied them on their adventures. Maria Lantz, photographer, artist and teacher at the Royal University College of Fine Arts, helps us contextualise the works in art history. Akay and Peter tell Ika Johannesson, journalist and editor-in-chief of Sex Magazine, about their lives and what compels them.