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Aris - Urban Layers

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28 pages
Text(s) by Riccardo Lanfranco
23.5 x 16 cm
Language: Italian
Publisher: Il cerchio e le gocce

"Urban Layers" is a personal exhibition by the Tuscan artist Aris, avant-garde of post-graffiti in Italy, in the Docks 74 space. Aris began his artistic career in the early 90s, the approach is that of graffiti-writing by choosing supports such as walls and trains, with the awareness of having to adapt to any kind of unexpected. He immediately developed a particular style of lettering that he soon abandoned moving on the study of figurative elements very close to abstraction. In "Urban Layers" a series of works on paper and canvas are presented in which the analysis is directed to urban stratification; the city and the territory develop on the remains of recent history, the landscape changes observing the stratification of inhabited centers, the layering made up of signs made by spray, marker, brush or directly scratched on vertical surfaces acquires more and more information and underlines its mutability .