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Hendrik Beikirch - Tracing Morocco

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171 pages
Text(s) by Hendrik Beikirch
32.7 x 24.8 cm
Language: English, French, Arabic
Publisher: Publikat

The book Tracing Morocco is first and foremost the encounter of a man, a country and its people. Morocco, which Hendrik Beikirch used as an inspiration, is primarily the basis for a tribute to the Moroccan workers and their traditions, scarred by life and fading from the modern world. In their honor, Hendrik Beikirch aka ECB portrays Moroccans and emphazises their fascinating and anonymous emotions.

He found a quiet spot for his creative works at the Jardin Rouge, an idyllic oasis for artists in an olive grove, 20 km away from Marrakech. Since June 2014, Hendrik has been at least 12 times in Morocco and realized about 22 portraits during his visits and exhibited them in Marrakech. With the beginning of his world tour 2015, Hendrik reproduces the portraits on huge facades in major cities of the world and he will continue this throughout 2016.