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Bennett Encke - Besi, Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona


72 pages
Edited by Bennett Encke
Photograph(s) by Bennett Encke
21 x 30 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Self-published
First edition of 50 copies

The photo book Besi, Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona is dedicated to the hidden and abandoned worlds of Barcelona. Through the eyes of an urban adventurer and geographical researcher with unconventional methods, Bennett Encke takes the reader on a daring journey through the unknown depths and heights of Barcelona.

The photo book is divided into four chapters: 1. Besi, 2. Tres Xemeneies, and 3. Water Reservoir. Each chapter highlights specific key developments within the modern urban planning of Barcelona. Chapter 4 frames these discoveries within Barcelona's cityscape. Due to the recent removal of the legendary Besi tunnel boring machine, featured in chapter one of this book, Besi, Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona, has now gained historical significance as it documents the long-negotiated public transport plan and its challenging engineering.