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430 pages
Text(s) by Jayme Gómez Muñoz, Fernando Figueroa Saavedra, HOSIO, RECS-ADEPS, BUNY KR2, EBR TMA, ZOOW, DOUG. W, KAMI TFP, TDS, 156, HIGOS KR2, FACH, REBEL 86, RHED, CEX-KR2-TFP
Designed by Miguel Monzón and Camille Bourdon
Photograph(s) by Jaime Alekos, Doug, Hast, Alfe, Rhed, Kami, Brouk, Poul, Noke, Tabe, Pren, Oveism, Luce, Mine, Splif Crew, Hosio, Nando, Sea162, Nestor, Hec, Alex Overton, Andrea Ayala, Buni, Higos, Bea Beys, Fres
29 x 21 cm
Language: Spanish, English
Publisher: Ediciones Fettuccini & Optim Asoc.
Limited edition of 400 copies signed and numbered


YKSUHC is about a photographic documentation that revolves around the last 23 years of Chusky/Yksuhc’s activity and his compulsive dedication to graffiti writing. The images capture the contextual and graphic aspects of the practice, where different facets of his activity converge to be shared in a compilation that allows to visualize several stages of a vast production. Most of this personal archive, until now, had been kept on the sidelines, free of mediation. 

This wide selection of images shows how he has developed his work, from the most basic writing, the references and the learning of patterns, until reaching more mature stages, where the pieces acquire pictorial finishes that move away from the conventional and the letters begin to coexist with a particular universe populated by strange beings and hybrid creatures. 

In this period (1998-2021) he has deployed his activity on rooftops, train cars, railroad tracks, subway tunnels, and in the streets of different cities. Madrid, Athens, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Cuzco or New York are some of them. Inside, the pages contain very exclusive material, mainly focused on the different names and visual codes he has used, its evolution and its path, including at the same time the work of other colleagues such as Buni, Higos, Fach, Rhed, Kami ...

In this compendium not only the pieces are shown once they are finished, but also the processes, the sketches, the trips and the atmospheres of the places through which they have moved.

Along with the photographs, there are also short stories written by several of the writers mentioned above and by many others, where they comment on their anecdotes and experiences related to him or to some stage of his journey. In its first pages, the book also has two generous prologues written by Jaume Gómez and Fernando Figueroa, together with a brief preface by the author.