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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Cobra Jaune


206 pages
Edited by Dave Decat
Photograph(s) by Nicolas Dykmans, Anneke Chips, Melissa Carpaccio, Carole Clays, Kevin Vankeirsbilck, Patricia Ribeiro and Tommy Reflex
Designed by Dave Decat
29.7 x 21 cm 
Language: English
Paperback, coming with a photo print
Publisher: Éditions du Cobra Jaune

Une dédicace de Cobra Jaune aura lieu jeudi 18 juillet à la librairie Le Grand Jeu en présence de Dave Decat. Une exposition de photographies, tirées du livre et disponibles ici, sera inaugurée par la même occasion.

"Cobra Jaune paints an incisive portrait of an underground hardcore scene that has taken root in a shabby bistro in the heart of the Brussels Midi necropolis.

The book features dozens of spectacular photographs of concerts that culminate in a pandemonium of ritualized tribal violence. Frankenstein's goateed creatures, young rebels flaunt themselves in grainy snapshots. This saraband of deformed bodies and grotesque faces exudes an aesthetic of ugliness imbued with majesty. It recalls both Hieronymus Bosch and the smashed faces of Otto Dix.

Cobra Jaune is also in the DIY vein of RATHOLE Brussels 1979-1984 by Marco Laguna. It could even be a sequel, since the punk fauna of the early 1980s spawned wild children who took over the same devastated urban territories." -Jimmy Pantera