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Cope 2: True Legend

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274 pages
Edited by Orus MAC/FT & Myre FT
Text(s) by Myre FT
30.5 x 21.5 cm
Language: English, French
First edition

A copy quite in good condition of the first edition of Cope 2: True Legend, release by in 2003. A second edition, published by From here to Fame, came out in 2005 with a different ISBN.

Cope 2: True Legend is a truly fascinating insight into the art, style, attitude and reasoning behind one of New,York's best and most prolific graffiti artists. Cope 2's importance in the scene can be signified by the fact that the original artwork from which the photos in this book were taken can still be seen, adorning the city of New York.

Cope 2 was very active in the 1990s and came to be known as the "ambassador"for New York graffiti. A documentary about him released in 1999 demonstrated that it was still possible to paint New York trains, despite media hype that subway graffiti was dead.