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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Kool Koor. Rooks & Robots


72 pages
Text(s) by Kool Koor, Alberta Sessa, Benjamin Lowder and Henk Pijnenburg
22 x 18 cm 
Language: French, English
Publisher: Ghost Galerie
First edition, 500 copies unnumbered

Kool Koor. Rooks & Robots and Kool Koor. Rooks & Robots. The Retrospective are the catalogs of the eponymous exhibitions held in Marseille from July 4 to August 4 2021 at the Ghost Galerie and the Chateau de Forbin.

Kool Koor. Rooks & Robots comes alone as the normal edition, while Kool Koor. Rooks & Robots. The Retrospective is only part of the limited edition boxset that includes both catalogs.