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Crash Kid: a Hip Hop Legacy

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328 pages
31 x 24.1 cm 
Language: English
Hardcover ou Softcover
Publisher: Drago

Crash Kid - A Hip Hop Legacy documents - through unpublished images from the artist's archive and contributions from other leading figures of the Italian and international Street scene - the Crash Kid's breaker and writer career, revealing the dedication and the influence that the artist has given to the whole Hip Hop scene and confirming him as a legendary reference point for everyone.
The book collects photographs and texts that document the birth of the Street Culture in Italy, from the early Hip Hop concerts of the 80s to the birth of the 'Zulu Party', real meeting points for the pioneers of this nascent movement. A collection of more than 400 speeches, all exclusively produced by the protagonists of the period, which document the art of Crash Kid and at the same time tell how this subculture has developed, moving from underground to mainstream movement that we all know today good.