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Christian Omodeo│Crossboarding: an Italian Paper History of Graffiti Writing & Street Art

188 pages
Text(s) by Christian Omodeo with a contribution by Bruno Messina
20.7 x 27.2 cm
Language: English, French
Publisher: LO/A Edition & Le Grand Jeu
Edition of 500 copies

The result of a colossal research project by curator Christian Omodeo, co-founder of Le Grand Jeu, Crossboarding: An Italian Paper History of Graffiti Writing and Street Art is a journey through an Italy passionate for urban art. From exhibition catalogues to magazines, photo books, and academic papers, the works profiled in the exhibition echo the country’s deep interest in Graffiti Writing, urban writing, Street Art, and “muralism”, starting with Sardinia’s colourful walls.
Collecting an ensemble of works published in Italy or by Italians on the subject, Crossboarding is a veritable bible of urban art, presenting 120 publications selected by Christian Omodeo. Each notice is accompanied by photos, a description of the book’s contents, and a bibliographic notation.