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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Darco - Code Art


160 pages
16 x 23 cm
Language: French, English
Publisher: Wasted Talent

Since 1984 and his first forays into graffiti; painting the grey walls of the Paris suburbs, Darco has practised his art the world over driven on by a truly voracious sense of discontent. But as the years passed, he gained experience and perfected his style to become the leading-light for an entire generation of new artists.

According to Darco, the writing movement is a paradox: chaotic yet structured and capable of freeing itself from its own laws – an unattainable phenomenon in constant evolution that strikes fear into the hearts of the profane.

This volume retraces twenty years of underground and commissioned work, and features pieces painted on a multitude of surfaces spread across the four corners of the planet. Darco invites us on a journey deep into the heart of his very secret world.