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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Dize: Warm Style Dizaster


160 pages
16 x 23 cm
Language: French, English
Publisher: Wasted Talent

In Paris, Dize is without a doubt one of the writers who has the most diversified range of outlines. His flexibility with various styles of tags and throw ups, his intense search for the purest form of the letter, his productions with superstar writers from around the globe and his taking part in some of the most exciting legal walls, are all different elements contributing to give his work a particular dimension.

A central character in the graffiti scene, he developed a traditional but innovative style in an attempt to preserve and recreate the spirit of the New York City old school train bombing days. This book highlights the diversity of his work by following his path as a writer, and by displaying his graffiti productions as well as his sketching on paper. Get ready to discover his universe.