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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Doze Green & David Ellis - Shaft


64 pages
Edited by Doze Green & David Ellis
16.5 x 25 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Upper Playground

A copy in good condition. Some light marks on the back cover.

Doze Green is a pioneer of hip-hop culture. He has been writing graffiti since 1974. A proponent of the fushionstic art movement, his gallery work blends wildstyle technique with metaphysical concepts making his art among the most recognizable and unique in his genre.

David Ellis is also a celebrated graffiti-turned fine artist. His work is both visceral and cerebral; it ranges from his spray can art reminiscent of psychedelic sound waves to his recent gallery work consisting of highly original multimedia sound installations and sculptural wall scapes.

A collaboration between these two undeniably influential New York artists could only result in a larger than life project- Shaft is a site specific project fusing the trademark styles of each artist as they cover a 25 foot elevator shaft from top to bottom creating an epic vertical mural.

Each page shares a part of the elevator shaft as it morphs and connects elements from each artist blending them together in this ambitious celebration of the hidden urban landscape. Comes with a - pull out poster 5.742" x 76" showing the piece in its entirety.