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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Elfo - You're just a login


44 pages
Text(s) by Christian Omodeo & Elfo
Designed by Paolo Proserpio
21 x 14.5 cm
Language: English
Softcover, coming with a limited edition poster and a postcard
Publisher: Le Grand Jeu & Galerie Babylone
Edition of 150 copies numbered

You're just a login by Elfo is the first issue of Detour, a new editorial project made by Le Grand Jeu and Galerie Babylone, two Parisian independent bookstores.

Elfo is an Italian artist with an absolute love for the streets, where he paints weird graffiti that are often charged with political or poetic double meanings or just for fun. You're just a login puts together photos and screenshots of several interventions, which play within the cracks existing between the real and digital worlds. 

Made all along the last fifteen years, all these artworks put Elfo amongst that specific kind of artists, who still consider Street Art as an IRL phenomenon, made by and for people who live away from keyboards, and keep their original vision, even when they change their tools in order to make art in the public space in the new age of surveillance capitalism.