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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Eltono - Observe Interpret

Sold out

36 pages
21 x 14.5 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Stickit
Second edition of 100 copies

Observe Interpret by Eltono, is one of the first Stickit zines we produced. It dates back to 2006 and is still a beautiful document. The first run was printed in an edition of 60 copies, from which the half was lost in the mail at the time. We didn't have a copy ourselves, so a reprint was needed. Dont sleep!

"My urban interventions are the result of a spontaneous reaction to confront the visual saturation of the urban space. Painting simple forms (a tunning fork) and apparently without any message is a way to face all the posters, advertising and signs that are imposed, almost with the force, to the eye of the pedestrian. In this context, our paintings propose a kind of visual rest, they do not sell or order anything, they only exist in an aesthetic and composition proposal questioning the mass communication. An open door to observation and free interpretation.

Since the first time I went to Brazil, I have been thinking about painting in a favela. I think that one of the most social aspect of doing art in public space is to give free art and I like the idea to bring art to places where the people is not used to deal with it. That's why I always wanted to paint in a favela. The experience was very exiting and I really enjoyed the way the houses are built, the mix of material, the textures and the way the people enjoyed letting us paint there house.

Observe and Interpret are the base of my creative process. The pictures I show in the zine have been chosen to create a parallel between observation and creation."