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Fabrizio Carbone - 7 W 84th Street-NYC 1972

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194 pages
Text(s) by Frabrizio Carbone 
32 x 22 cm
Language: English, Italian
Publisher: Yard Press
Edition of 300 copies

7 W 84TH STREET–NYC 1972 is a collection of photographs taken by Fabrizio Carbone during his New York stay. Black and white shots – unpublished until now – capturing the vitality of the American way of life, in a both intimate and political perspective: the city and its inhabitants, whose symbols and languages will soon become universal icons.
“The idea of America inspired contrasting feelings in me, which was typical of Italians born at the end of the war. Like most of my contemporaries, I had indiscriminately loved every expression of American culture: the films and literature, the Coca-Cola and the Marlboros. But in recent years, the politics of the United States had come under heavy criticism, so that for many of us America ended up representing everything one should stand against: the war in Vietnam, support for military dictatorships, the smoke screens that obscured the role of the secret services in the Piazza Fontana massacre”.
Fabrizio Carbone (1942) is an Italian painter, writer, and wildlife filmmaker. In 1972 he spent a year in New York working as a correspondent for an Italian broadsheet. As a civil and environmental rights activist, he resigned from his job when the paper he wrote for started supporting the Vietnam war.
7 W 84TH STREET–NYC 1972 is a project conceived by Michele Manfellotto.