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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

FNdamentale 1992-2002


652 pages
30.6 x 24 cm
Language: Italian, + QR code for English edition online
Publisher: Buff Proof Productions Ltd.

FNdamental 1992-2002: a unique book that, like a time capsule, contains the complete history of the first eleven years of graffiti on the FN (Ferrovie Nord Milano) and the complete history of the line itself.

The FN is one of the lynchpins of Italian trainwriting, a legendary line whose fame has transcended its regional boundaries to include Italy, Europe, and beyond the oceans. Conceived and conceived as a magnum opus full of details, it traces all the events: from the first timid pieces in the Milano Cadorna and Saronno stations in 1992, through all the hardcore of the 1990s to the new graffiti game of the early 2000s.

This publication is built on the solid foundation of experiences lived first hand during those years. Punctuated by a 30-year passion for historicizing, the work was generated through four years of research and development that merged into 652 pages. More than 40 interviews and stories from the protagonists of the movement. A technical railway subtext that places data and dates behind the rigorous monthly chronological order of the 3,000 restored analog photos, more than half of which are still unpublished, and as many as 480 reanimated in panoramic collages of pieces, end 2 end, whole car and whole train, representing hundreds of Italian and foreign writers.