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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Fra Skitse Til Piece (From Sketch to Piece)

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Text(s) by Jens-Peter Brask
28.4 x 22 cm
Language: Danish
Publisher: Brask Publications
Edition of 1000 copies

In 1986 when I watched the movie Wild Style, I was immediately hit by the graffiti. From then to today, I have been impressed and interested in how a sketch is transformed into a piece of the graffiti artists who use trains and the city as their canvas. In my capacity as an art collector, I have collected many – and different – artworks and artistic expressions over the years.

My art collection continues to grow and makes my girlfriend call it a craze. Maybe she’s right, the truth is that I never throw anything out of HQ Brask (my office) and my collection. In my art collection there are different categories of works, including graffiti documentation and a collection of the graffiti artists’ sketches. In the book there are pieces that have a few months on the back of some that are up to 20 years old.

The purpose of the book is to show sketch and pieces side by side and thereby the diversity of the field and the artistic talents found in the graffiti style. Some printers follow the sketch to the letter, while others make the sketch at home, remember it in the head and leave it in order not to bear possible evidence of illegal graffiti. Others re-freestyle while painting and follow the outline very loosely. Presented here in the book are countless universes and interpretations of sketches and pieces that you can immerse and lose in.

There is nothing right or wrong in the graffiti, a spaciousness I greatly appreciate conveying and shouting. The most important thing is the pieces created for any price that comes out into the world. I love graffiti and therefore this book about my free space and my love: From Sketch to Piece.