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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Fuzz One - Gods of Graffiti

180 pages
Edited by Alan Ket and Cezary Hunkiewicz 

Text(s) by Fuzz One (Vincent Fedorchak)
Foreword by Alan Ket
Designed by Konrad Smolarski, Autograph Studio 
25 x 21 cm

Language: English
Hardback, with hand-screen printed finish. Printed on Paper Alto Satine Natural 130g 

Publisher: Brain Damage Gallery, Museum of Graffiti

"As a graffiti writer for 49 years with the most longevity of any writer dead or alive I want to let you know that I always had fun with my buddies, the guys I picked to do whole cars with, who were the best of the best in the history of New York City graffiti. No other writer, till this day, ever did whole cars with the magnitude that I did with the hundreds of writers that I painted with and ran the streets racking up paint. The guys I did paint with are all gods because they stood between those train cars and sprayed their hearts out in the golden age of graffiti, when it counted. We were pilgrims and pioneers all wrapped into one, ready to strike at any moment on the New York Transit lines. It took me 3 years of traveling around the subways, going back in time, to put this project together. The book is about all my partners in the graff game. I want to pay homage to them for all the work and all the good times I had with them during my subway career." - Fuzz One, Gods of Graffiti

In Gods of Graffiti  you will hear stories and anecdotes regarding New York City graffiti royalty - Jester, Stim, Cliff159, Staff161, Peso131, Noc167, Ban2, Dondi, and others, which are brought to life by Fuzz as he recounts their adventures and trains painted together. We learn about how global crews like TFP started in the Bronx and get access to this street history that could easily be lost. We also get to see Fuzz’s artistry - a style of illustration straight from the 1970s with blends, color choices, and letter styles that are uncommon and beautiful. We see a blueprint of what some writers create today straight from an originator.

Fuzz One had written his many names thousands of times on the inside of the trains, the outsides of the trains, and walls all over New York City going back as early as 1970. By 1980 he was considered a god of graffiti already having done it all. He did pieces with many different names including Fuzz, Ivory, Lord138, Romeo, Solid, 2Wild, 2God, and Prince. He did throw ups as Sor, CK7, and DJ2. He says he had over 100 names he would use and I believe him.