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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Galeria Forty Forty


255 pages
Text(s) by Marcin Rutkiewicz
24.8 x 19.5 cm
Language: Polish, English
Publisher: Urban Art Foundation

The album summarizes the five years of existence of Galeria Forty / Forty run by our foundation in Fort Bema and presents the works and profiles of over fifty artists invited to the project.

About the gallery according to the words of the project curators:

“(…) At the so-called street art exhibitions, you can usually see exactly the same as in galleries presenting” ordinary “art – paintings on canvases, graphics, installations, objects, sometimes even sculptures. that the authors of these works also create art on the streets, usually – although it is not a rule – using similar motifs and techniques. anarchy, lack of control and limitations, grassroots initiatives, ephemeral works, their variability over time, interaction with the activities of other artists, as well as constant and never limited accessibility to viewers. attractive. (..)
The Forty / Forty Gallery is always an open and unsupervised art gallery. It is an exhibition experiment, an attempt to reconcile the independence, spontaneity and anarchy of street art with the limitations imposed by the closed exhibition space. This is one of the possible answers to the question of how to show art from the streets so that it does not lose its authenticity. “