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Goldie - All things remembered (SIGNED)

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304 pages
Text(s) by Goldie
24 x 16 cm 
Language: English
Publisher: Faber & Faber
First edition

A whirlwind, adrenalin-fuelled celebrity memoir from the godfather of urban rave.

"When you melt the gold to make grills, what darts across the surface is like chrome - totally different to the actual colour of the metal when it's solid. The impact of the oxygen-acetylene is almost a white-out - the molten gold becomes this magical blue-tinted white, and the silver on the surface is as clear as liquid, but it darts around in a totally chaotic way. That's my life right there - the chaos - but within that chaos there is something that makes sense, and if you concentrate hard enough, the patterns will surely become clear...". 

All Things Remembered is the story of the man born Clifford J. Price -- jungle's most streetwise ambassador who went on to collect an MBE from Buckingham Palace. As one of Britain's most influential DJs, producers and record-label owners, Goldie's contribution to the UK rave scene in the 1990s with Metalheadz provided the blueprint for dubstep and grime. Here is the memoir of an extraordinary life, an explosive story of abuse, revenge, graffiti, breakdancing, gold teeth, sawn-off shotguns, car crashes, hot yoga, absent fatherhood and redemption through reality TV - all told in Goldie's unmistakeable, charismatic voice.