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Graffiti Art Magazine #52

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130 pages
29 x 22 cm
Language: English, French
Publisher: Graffiti Art Magazine
October - November 2020

Will Street Art be any different in the world of tomorrow? To  answer that question, we had     to go back to its roots and origins. Street Art is adapting, evolving, vanishing, transforming, innovating… Some could speak of creative destruction.

The quest for the roots…

To investigate this topic, we met New York graffiti pioneers and dug into the archives of the Berlin Wall. But individuals and places were not enough… In our quest, we wanted to understand the role of crews in the spread and growth of Street Art. We travelled to Tokyo to discover its local scene and talked with artists all over the world: Futura 2000 and Cope2 (United States), Rero (France-Brazil), Spyk (Belgium), Lisa King (Australia). We also bluntly asked the thorny question of the role of money in Street Art.

…and sources of youth

Street Art regenerates, as shown by the recent performance of the Toulouse-based artist James Colomina under the Pont Marie in Paris, or the first edition of Grimaud Art Urbain, a festival that brought Street Art to a historical Provençal village. But maybe it is just the natural process of a movement in permanent rebirth. Social and political battles as well as canons of beauty evolve over time. Street Art is ephemeral… It is wiped out and then rises from its ashes… Long live Street Art!