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Graffiti Art Magazine #57

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130 pages
29 x 22 cm
Language: English, French
Publisher: Graffiti Art Magazine
July - August 2021

Like a good vintage wine, the 2021 batch of urban art has been eagerly awaited. Artists are back on walls, galleries are reopening, urban art fairs are on, and fans are flocking to festivals.

To guide you through this year’s cuvée of urban art, it seemed only natural to compile an overview of the best destinations for Street Art in all its diversity: some names will sound familiar, and others will be heard for the first time. This issue will look at around fifteen urban art festivals and events throughout France and Europe, permanent and ephemeral Street Art spots (such as Spot13 and Transition Abbeville) as well as other initiatives.

Let’s not forget that the Street Art scene is international and grows from the encounters between artists from various cultural backgrounds with diverse sensitivities and techniques. In that regard, New Delhi represents a perfect blend of solo and collaborative works, local artists and big international names. And the result is unique.
Equally unique is KAWS’s success story. Art or marketing? We will ask the question while also questioning its relevance.

This issue also pays tribute to the fathers of urban art. Jacques Villeglé, the 95-year-old inventor of ‘lacerated posters’, considered a pioneer of Street Art, will share some highlights of his life with us, looking back over his artistic career of more than 70 years.

We invite you to dive into Hereditas, Gonzalo Borondo’s immersive exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Segovia; Wild Drawing’s anamorphic works, and the surrealist creations of Claudio Ethos. And finally, we will embark on a journey through the bubbly world of Bouda, and the brightly-coloured planet of Dulk and his fantastic beasts.