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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Hendrik Beikirch - Warriors


176 pages
Foreword by Nils Müller
Text(s) by Katharina Galladé and Luisa Schlotterbeck
34 x 26.5 cm
Language: English
Hardback with black edgings
Publisher: Hatje Cantz

Black and white are the hues that give Hendrik Beikirch’s painting its vivid plasticity. Contrast is not his major concern; rather, it is the nuances of color that make his portraits and landscapes so impressive and mesmerizing. This is especially true of his Warrior series, for which he traveled the world visiting crisis zones. Through his precise gaze we see the faces of aged combatants and child soldiers who are much too young. Their destinies are reflected in their eyes, their fingers on the triggers of their weapons. The monochrome expresses this powerful intensity. In every tiny fold and movement, it recognizes what is special about individual existence. The pictures possess an inherent, intriguing intimacy that encourages thought as well as long observation.