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Hervé Di Rosa. Ses sources, ses démons


182 pages
Text(s) by Philippe Bouchet
27 x 24 cm
Language: French
Publisher: Lienart

Associated with the Figuration Libre movement, Hervé Di Rosa is one of a group of artists who, in the early 1980s, made headlines in France. Like Robert Combas, François Boisrond and Rémi Blanchard, he paints pictures whose brutality and apparent naivety contrast with the dogmatism in which the artistic movements have been locked up for several decades. Like them, he paints for one purpose only? the pleasure of telling stories, creating characters and staging them, without any theoretical aim. In retrospect, few have seen - or wanted to see - a painting inspired by a broad spectrum of culture, an unsuspected classical taste, inscribed and nourished by a dimension much more complex than it appears at first glance. Probably fewer still are those who have been able to detect in Di Rosa an interest in the techniques of painting, a passion and a curiosity that must be understood in a vast palette of practices that fascinate him for a long time, go beyond painting alone and become the driving force of his motivation. Because the comparison of his works with those of the past is not immediately obvious, as his creations are so current, the purpose of this book is obvious. By the approach which is his, that of a free artist who invites us for a long time to a displacement of the glance, of our glance, Hervé Di Rosa opens the respectable field of the history of the art to other horizons and unrolls a thread of Ariadne to help us not to mislead us in the production of the images.