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Jean Yves Donati - HRTGPCFR

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94 pages
Edited by Jean Yves Donati
Photograph(s) by Jean Yves Donati
26 x 14 cm
Language: English
Edition of 100 copies, hand-numbered and signed by the artist

HRTGPCFR [How to Rob a Train Graffiti Photography in the Capital of the French Riviera] is the culmination of a work begun with the Nice City Graffiti project.

This book focuses on the area of the main station of Nice, the aerial part between the two tunnels which borders it. This is the only place in the city where graffiti is still visible, everything has been cleaned up and is now systematically cleaned.

The guiding thread of the book is the graffiti present on the trains in circulation, sometimes blatantly, sometimes drowned in the image, all with the city in the background.

It is composed of 41 silver photographs, to which are associate on each page a map of the sector of the shooting as well as the means implemented to reach it.