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João Marcelo - Xarpi, the inversion of the word pixar

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160 pages
Edited by João Marcelo
21 x 26 cm
Language: Portuguese 
Publisher: João Marcelo

“Xarpi, the inversion of the word pixar.” The word is part of the code language created in the 1980s by the carioca pixadores in order not to be understood by those who were not started in this practice. time has revealed, yet a tradition: a language of the TTK The purpose of this book is to make a cut-out without time-space, as if it were a communication model, such as a text application.This catalog brings together more than 1,400 photographs of inscriptions that are present on the Rio walls of the 70s, 80s and 90s, as well as a chronology of the phenomenon throughout the period.This interference in the landscape goes through decades and generations, it is no use ignoring them, as brands are there, They promote questionings and resignments for the authors, as people impacted by the act of the pix and also in the perception of the chosen places. However, these unfoldings are not the most Sometimes, as motivations that lead young people to pixar are basically two: recognition and adrenaline. Be famous by getting notoriety within the group within reach places with the highest possible visibility and when printing print a larger amount of pixels and fuel the addictive practice. “For example, a repercussion in the media and a public repression give feedback to the phenomenon. In the following pages you are a visual record of the practice not Rio de Janeiro, a little of the history of the city, its rules, singularities, names and acronyms The book documents an expression in its genuinely Carioca version - before time erases as marks that claim to be eternal, but which are ephemeral - do not have an account of the entire movement, present in a whole city and constantly changing throughout the time".