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Jr: Déplacé·e·s

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160 pages
Edited by Arturo Galansino
Text(s) by Arturo Galansino and 

Photograph(s) by JR
28 x 24 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Skira

Migrant children from Mauritania, Lesbos, and Libya in the works of Jean René, aka JR, artist, photographer, street-artist known as the Parisian Banksy.

The artist has managed to create a perfect marriage between photography and the concept of urban art, reproducing large images and placing them within the urban context in increasingly complex ways, but always managing to create a strong empathy with the public. Known to many as the Parisian Banksy, JR likes to call himself a "photograffeur," meaning a mixture of photographer and graffiti artist.

JR exhibits his images in the largest art gallery on the planet; his work is presented freely on the streets of the world, attracting the attention of people other than museum visitors. Very original and unmistakable works that mix art and action and speak of engagement, freedom and identity.

JR uses photo collage as the signature technique of his style, which has exploded into the dimension of public art in cities around the world. As the artist himself states, "I have the largest art gallery imaginable: the walls of the whole world." His research combines originality and appropriation, always distinguished by a strong public and participatory connotation that has led him to create works of great visual impact and involvement in ever-different places and contexts.