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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Kairos - Jaune Pétrole

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68 pages
Photos by Kaïros
20 x 25 cm
Language: English, French
Softcover, handmade sewed, screen-printed cover on paper Gmund fluorescent yellow 120gr.
Publisher: Editions Terrain Vague
Edition of 50 copies signed and numbered

The book’s photographs have been shot by Kaïros. They’re focusing on a train yard adjoined to a chemical petrol platform. These train tankers generally transport different type of chemicals extracted from petrol. 

Few feet away, some yellow jackets protesters built a camp. Like everywhere else in France, gas price went exaggeratedly up. In this context of social crisis linked to the petrol industry, Kaïros chose to produce a series of paintings. 

Kaïros works with spray cans but, at first, draws them on paper. The calligraphic variations of his signature (tag) can be spelled and abbreviated in different ways: “Kaïros”, “Kayros”, “Kai”, “Kay”. The yellow pages represent his graphic researches formerly executed with Chinese ink and a variety of tools. His “signatures” are, to finish, reproduced in large scale on metallic wagons. 

KAIROS: In Greek, means opportune and favorable times. Distinct from the linear notion of Chronos (physical Time), Kairos can be considered as another time dimension creating an instant of depth.