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Kladmuur - Early days of wallwriting, Groningen 1978—1992

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180 pages
Edited by Kladmuur
Text(s) by Pinox82© (hooligan graffiti), Mickey, Quask (hiphop graffiti), Slonz (punk graffiti), Steven Kolsteren (Groninger Museum), Christophe de Jongh (Squatting)
24 x 19 cm
Language: Dutch, English
Softcover, sewn binding, fully printed in RISO
Publisher: XXXX
Edition of 500 copies

Enemies like the weather, rival artists and the cleaning service make up for the usually fast disappearance of freshly produced graffiti. This project started with curiousity about the dissapeared beginnings of graffiti in Groningen; on the shoulders from which giants does the current graf and streetart scene stand? Where did local graffiti originate, who where the first writers and what was their motivation to get up? This publication is a search that got out of hand for forgot- ten kings and lost archives.

The result is an (incomplete) overview in which the past comes alive. It’s also a dedication to many infamous but dissapeared writers. Some old tags are still visible today but they are getting lesser and lesser, and are almost gone. Let’s see what we can learn something from these old heads! Kladmuur focuses on these early days of graffiti in Groningen, collects stories, information and images with the aim of publishing them.

"Who remembers the many graffiti pieces in Groningen in the 80s? This cityscape has disappeared since then, but has been collected into an expansive archive by Kladmuur in order to safeguard the heritage of the different graffiti spraying subcultures. This way, Kladmuur paints an important picture of the idiosyncratic early days in Groningen, when many artists didn’t own a camera and their work was being looked down upon. This publication and the associated exhibition in the Groninger Museum are among the first achievements of Kladmuur."– Mickey TFP TMB CFH 2HT