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Estevan Oriol - L. A. Portraits

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136 pages
Photos by Estevan Oriol
31.5 x 21.8 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Drago

In LA Portraits, the internationally celebrated photographer, Estevan Oriol, explores the vibrant gang culture pervading the City of Angels. The book follows its immensely popular predecessor, LA Woman in its ability to capture an authentic view of the people of Los Angeles. 
“They are not all monsters,” says Oriol, “you got cool guys, crazy guys, assholes. Most people are cool that’s why I hang out with them. It’s more a brotherhood, a family. Got the barbecue, low riding, hanging out, school days, guns, drugs, a little bit of everything.”
The collection comprises over one hundred iconic images sourced from Oriol’s fascinating and extensive archive that spans over 20 years. Every photograph is shot on film, presenting the viewer with a unique and insightful journey into the LA gangland. L’Oiel De La Photographie recognizes this journey, calling Oriol’s work “an unforgettable voyage to another time and place where your boys just becoming men visit tattoo parlors and begin to get their bodies inked. Of men with guns and sunglasses and masks, of makeshift memorials on the sidewalk where something terrible happened. Of colors, certain colors, and lots of plaid. Of bandanas, baseball caps, of low riders cruising up along, dudes posted up, uniform of the streets.” –Miss Rosen.