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Le Mur / The Wall 2010 - 2015

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264 pages
21 x 27 cm
Language: French, English
Publisher: Editions Hermann

This book proceeds from its namesake, published by Editions Kitchen, that provided a prehistory of sorts and covered the first seventy-three performances to unfold 107 Oberkampf street. Hence, the one hundred and twenty-five artists here present begin with the number 74 and end, in the final days of 2015, with Nosbé’s piece, the location’s 199th proposition. Where the first opus sought only to catalogue the different pieces, this book hopes to be more than a sequel. It aspires to enlighten readers with a few words to draw them into the artists’ meditations and experiences, or offer a prism through which each performance might be analysed. Some of these texts were provided by artists themselves; others written by enthusiasts, or members of the association Le M.U.R.