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Marcello Napal Saolini - Night Poetry

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188 pages
Text(s) by Simone Danno Eleuteri and Alessandro Mantovani
Photos by Marcello Napal Saolini 
18 x 25 cm
Language: Italian, English
Publisher: Whole Train Press

This photographic narration wants to be a tribute and declaration of love to the night, to those infinite nights lived in the most absurd conditions, painting in the streets, nights of madness, parties, encounters with artists, friends or complete strangers, lascivious women, drop outs, desperate people of all kinds, marginalized and all those people who reject the rationality of the day looking for their freedom or redemption in the night, a journey marked by the rhythms of Jazz, passing through the blues, Hip Hop, Rock, Dark Wave, up to the electronic rhythms.

Moments immortalized forever, each with their own poetic, using the photographic lens as a brush to capture and paint the light, constantly searching for. its expressive and evocative potential. 

A collection of images that span almost twenty years lived in the streets among people, traveling the length and breadth of the Italian boot and then landing in cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Marrakech, Tunis, up to the most remote places of the Sahara Desert. A total “on the road” journey, all lived in symbiosis with the creative life of a writer as well as a photographer.
The author Napal Naps artist tout court and avant-garde soul, photographer, editorial illustrator, urban artist and historical figure of the Italian writing movement, founder of the LTA and KIDZ San Lorenzo crews has painted in the street since 1986. Now on his second appointment with Wholetrain Press presents us a total black and white story entitled Napal Night Poetry. Enjoy the ride.