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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Mark Jenkins - La rue mis en scène

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72 pages
Text(s) by Frédéric-Charles Baitinger
15 x 15 cm
Language: French
Publisher: Critères Editions

But what is this man doing lying in a puddle, colored balloons floating above him?
The American artist Mark Jenkins invests the city with sculptures on a human scale. A true expert in scenography, he creates disturbing encounters between mannequins and passers-by: installed in the public space, his human clones do not fail to arouse amusement, anguish, shock... It is indeed, for him, a question of creating a "social experiment of alteration of reality".

Striking and unusual, tragic or humorous, Mark Jenkins' hyperrealistic installations are spectacular in their ability to make us hesitate between fiction and reality.