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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Miss Tic - Parisienne


88 pages
Edited by Miss Tic
24 x 17.5 cm
Language: French
Publisher: Self-published

If walls have ears, Miss Tic also gives them eyes, lips, breasts and hips. A poet and visual artist, a leading light in urban painting, she has been printing her stencils on the walls of Paris since 1985. Her works are aimed at everyone, and make the public their regular and critical recipients. A free woman asserting her desire, her creations punctuate the daily lives of thousands of people. This book bears witness to an impromptu journey along the walls of Paris's Left Bank. Miss. Tic shares with us, through photos, anecdotes, images and collages, the behind-the-scenes story of a creation that blends the intimate and the public, humour and humour, the superficial and the profound. In town shoes, stilettos, pumps, boots, bare feet, sporty, sexy, funny, they make us walk! Scandalous, hard-working, runners, lovers, dreamers, dawdlers, they trot, they ride, they trample, they stroll, they move away, they run away... A poetic stroll through stenciled silhouettes of women, accompanied by short texts.