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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Momo & Eltono - Improbable


20 pages
Text(s) and photos by Momo & Eltono
20 x 13.7 cm, coming with an A3 poster
Language: French, English
Riso print with bichromy black and green + poster A3 size; Bichromy red and blue
Publisher: Juste Ici

Documentation of the exercise 1 “Improbable” by Eltono and MOMO during Bien Urbain # 2 in September 2012 :

The two artists install bits of found wood with a hand saw and rubber mallet, into 52 cellar door and window spaces particular to Besançon, France. Using only tension to hold these in place, they demonstrate a variety of arrangement possibilities accross a range of spaces in the city. The results may go unnoticed, resembling poor repairs with scrap materials.

Documentation of Exercise 2 “Tracer line painting” led by Eltono and MOMO at Bien Urbain in September 2012:

A chalk snap-line adapted for paint makes very long and straight permanent lines on buildings. Here, an artifact that winds rope through fresh paint was developped for use with a 6 meter pole to extend the rope. With two operators, a painted line of any angle is possible, but the lines will always originate from the ground. Resulting combinations of there lines resemble typography.Layout by Lucile Bataille and impression Riso realized at the workshop Superseñor in Besançon, by Claire Giacomel (reissue carried out in September 2016).