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192 pages
Photography Yoshi Omori
Texts Marc Boudet and Jay One Ramier
Translation Tristan Stansbury and Anthony Ghilas
A.D. & Design François Brochenin
22.0 x 30.5 cm
Language: French / English
Edition: LO/A Edition

I’s hard to think that these images have waited 30 years before to be published!
Yoshi Omori moved from Tokyo to Paris in 1984 and has photographed all the Parisian Graffiti & Hip Hop scene which was exploding at the time: the waste ground of Stalingrad painted with graffiti by Bando, Jay One, Ash and everything important to Bboys, the overexcited audience of the Globo, where Afrika Bambaataa and Public Enemy ran into the young MC Solaar, Joey Starr, Kool Shen et Rockin’ Squat…
A book stronger than a flop in the toilet of your high school, which would remind you your favorite mixtape.