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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

MTN Limited Editions - Jace

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Produced by Montana Colors
20.7 x 7 x 7 cm 
Limited edition of 500 copies
Color: Yosemite Yellow

After years of traditional graffiti writing, Jace began to assert his individuality by developing a character he christened "Gouzou". Displaying it most notably around his native Réunion island, the graphically simple and instantly identifiable character has cemented him as a world-famous artist in the urban art scene.

In 2022, he celebrates the 30th birthday of the Gouzou. Even after three decades, Jace still finds ways to delight, shock and impress by placing the characters in the most unlikely places, acting out hilariously improbable scenarios. Typically faceless and gender neutral, Gouzou can be found dangling from cliffs, leaning against a treasure chest on a beach, tied to a weight on the seabed or spinning in a washing machine - always represented comical, colourful way.

Although Jace has exhibited them in many corners of the world, he’s best known in Réunion where even the official tourism website promotes his work as an attraction, quite unusual in the field of illegal art forms.

Further afield, Jace's works are mostly found in countries and cities not always recognized as hotbeds of graffiti, from Le Havre and Paris to Dubaï, Bangkok, Madagascar, Shenzhen, Marrakech and Seoul.