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Night Fever Designing Club Culture

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399 pages
Text(s) by by Jörg Heiser, Tim Lawrence, Ivan Lopez Munuera, Catharine Rossi, Sonnet Stanfill, Alice Twemlow, Ben Kelly, Peter Saville, Ian Schrager, Mateo Kries, Jochen Eisenbrand and Katarina Serulus
25.5 x 20 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Vitra Design Museum

Nightclubs and discothèques are hotbeds of contemporary culture. Throughout the 20th century, they have been centres of the avant-garde that question the established codes of social life and experiment with different realities, merging interior and furniture design, graphics and art with sound, light, fashion and special effects to create a modern Gesamtkunstwerk. Night Fever: A Design History of Club Culture examines the history of the nightclub, with examples ranging from Italian nightclubs of the 1960s that were created by members of the Radical Design group to the legendary Studio 54 in New York, Philippe Starck’s Les Bains Douches in Paris and the more recent Double Club in London, conceived by German artist Carsten Höller for the Prada Foundation. Featuring films and vintage photographs, posters and fashion, Night Fever takes the reader on a fascinating journey through a world of glamour, subculture and the search for the night that never ends.