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Ozmo 1998-2018 New!

Ozmo 1998-2018

249 pages
Text(s) by  Francesca Holsenn, Pietro Rivasi, Alessandro Benassi, Alessandro Giammei, Cyrille Gouyette and Pierluigi Sacco
Photos by (s'il s'agit d'un livre de photographies)
32 x 24 cm (hauteur x largeur. Ex.: 25.8 x 19.6 avec le point et non pas la virgule)
Language: Italian, English
Publisher: Crowdbooks

Ozmo 1998-2018 tell us the story of an artist’s evolution, of a generation of artists and the history of an avant-garde. From Graffiti, to Street Art, from art galleries to museums, Ozmo’s work is the synthesis of what happened to a handful of artists who found in the street and its rules the birthplace of an expressive form that has become increasingly aware and recognizable, enough to feel the need to be read on several layers: social, political and artistic.

Halfway between an elegant and thoughtful journey through the images ( edited by graphic design studio nationhood ) and a technical tool to fix and let all know the artist’s work in depth, Ozmo 1998-2018 is accompanied by 5 critical texts that retrace 5 different themes identified by the curator Francesca Holsenn in order to immerse the reader conceptually in his work. 

Illegality, symbol, system, image and relationship between pop and élite are the themes developed respectively by Pietro Rivasi, Alessandro Benassi, Alessandro Giammei, Cyrille Gouyette and Pierluigi Sacco. These authors were able to give Ozmo’s work that third dimension left for too long without a real investigation.