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Paolo Gasparini - Field of Images


344 pages
Edited by Maria Wills Londoño
Photograph(s) by Paolo Gasparini 
20 x 30 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Fundación Mapfre

Born in Gorizia, Italy in 1934 and nationalized as Venezuelan in 1954, photographer Paolo Gasparini is a leading figure in modern Latin American photography, known for his unflinching portrayal of the cultural tensions and profound internal contradictions of the American continent. Gasparini has travelled extensively throughout Latin America, from Cuba to Venezuela, where he eventually settled, and beyond, capturing the diversity and visual culture of the region he came to call home.

This publication, accompanying the eponymous exhibition, surveys six decades of his photographic career wherein an itinerary through the ever-changing landscapes of cities such as Caracas, La Habana, Sao Paulo or Mexico seems to echo that of Munich, Paris, Madrid or London. The catalog features essays by María Wills, curator of the exhibition, Horacio Fernández, Antonio Muñoz Molina and Juan Villoro, as well as a concise biography of Gasparini by Sagrario Berti.