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Saman & Sasan Oskouei - Object / Subject

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192 pages
Text(s) by Carlo McCormick
30 x 23 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Konnotation Press
1000 /  1st edition


Object / Subject is a special commemoration of the most recent 8 years of work of Saman & Sasan Oskouei.

This beautiful artist book is designed by Daniel Kyn and feature almost a decade of works by New York based Iranian artists Sasan and Saman Oskouei. Foreword is by Carlo McCormick. The book is printed on dead stock paper by Die Keure in Belgium.

Saman Oskouei  (born 1985) and Sasan Oskouei (born 1991) are multi-disciplinary artists from Tabriz, Iran, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. The brothers collaboratively create nuanced political work. known for its simplicity yet resiliency and positive undertone. They address Humanitarian Topics such as borders and refugees, capitalism, inequalities and environmental issues. While the nature of the messages Saman and Sasan convey is quite consistent throughout their work, the techniques and materials used are versatile and playful. from paintings and sculptures, installations and interventions, to videos and photography. In their approach, the medium is secondary to the message and serves to support and deliver the latter.