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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Serval - A life in letters


309 pages
Text(s) by / Edited by Cyril B. Jourdain
Photograph(s) by 
26.3 x 30.6 cm
Language: French, English
Publisher: Self-published

“A Life In Letters” is an analytical monography of the graffiti artist SERVAL’s work.

300 pages to address two major questions : The first is to decipher what makes the work of Serval - an emblematic artist of the Geneva art scene - so powerful and singular that it has earned him worldwide fame. The second sketches, through the filter of the analysis of his work, the contours of what graffiti is: a pictorial discipline in its own right, with its history, its currents and its rules. An art form whose reality is often very far from its public image.

It is not a question here of just showing, it is a question of explaining, of bringing to light a know-how, an artistic evolution.

10 guest writers : CMP, Dash, Duel, East, Gaël Vulliens, JayOne, Jazi, Rey One, Slick, Swet.