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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Solomostry - Unboxing

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Unboxing is a limited edition box produced by the Italian artist Solomostry, produced in only 50 copies that come within a silk-screened wooden box filled with:

- 1 original drawing in fluo paper 50 x 35 cm
- 2 xylography prints on cotton paper at Atelier A14 25 x 35 cm
- 1 wood mask 17 x 26 x 0,4cm
- 1 bicolored screen print on blue back paper 50 x 70 cm
- 1  Unboxing book collecting two years of monsters made by Solomostry, which comes with a hand-worked dust jacket, which is different from all the others and with a set of stickers
- 1 jigsaw puzzle of 25 pieces made from an original drawing (each puzzle is made with a different drawing)

Solomostry is an Italian artist, who joined the graffiti movement in the year 2000 in Milan, he was only 14 years old. At that time Milan’s underground was covered by wild style graffiti on walls and panels as well as tags. He was immediately fascinated by it. When he started to collaborated, as a scenographer, for techno parties in clubs, he realized that graffiti writing was not a suitable topic for his artistic expression. He began creating a character who would come alive at these techno parties in the Milan club scene – SOLOMOSTRY. Solomostry in Italian means “only monsters”. A monochrome monster composed of lines with imposing and staring eyes. The artist started to design his first big monsters in the back of the stage, overlooking the dancing crowd until the first lights of the morning. A monster born in the darkness and sound of loud techno music.