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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Stylefile Blackbook Sessions #1

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160 pages
16.1 x 23.6 cm
Language: English, German
Publisher: Publikat

Stylefile Blackbook Sessions #1 shows the ongoing process with writing, from sketches to the finished pieces. These include quick thoughts, sketched scenes, and other ideas that have come with trial and error to get to the final style. The sketches here are rough – with all their strengths and weaknesses. While these were once reserved for an intimate circle of friends, a foundation to study and build their skills from, and something to discuss, this once private raw style is now yours to study.

Whether sculpted in steel, scrawled on walls or executed as Sketches graffiti is a huge and growing phenomenon. Represented in this book are not so much the finished pieces of art that ultimately make their way onto walls or other outside surfaces, but rather the ‘art’ that; precedes this: the art of the coveted Blackbook. Some are no more than sketches or plans with all their strenghts and weaknesses, while others are complex finished works of art. The objective of this book is to show how the creation of graffiti evolves from quick illustrations of thoughts and ideas through a process of trial and error to arrive at the final ‘style’. Because many writers guard their Blackbooks closely this book provides a rare opportunity to study the raw talent of some of the world’s most famous graffiti artists, past and present.