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Terry Richardson - Terryworld

Sold out

Flyer, off-set color print
43.6 x 28.4 cm
Publisher: Deitch Gallery

Flyer, which is in general good condition and comes folded, of Terryworld exhibition by the American photographer Terry Richardson at Deitch Gallery in New York, between September 10 and October 2, 2004.

"On September 10, 2004, today’s greatest living photographer is going to show the world why he deserves the notorious moniker “God of Truth.” Terry Richardson, the irreverent New Yorker who changed photography forever, will be showing his most personal work in years at Deitch Projects.

For those select few not familiar with Richardson’s work, it is an inimitable combination of low and high art. It is harsh and scary, lewd and erotic, hilarious and beautiful, but, most importantly, it is loved and understood by everyone who sees it. New York street kids are taught to understand the monolithic beauty of a Japanese landscape while the Parisian intelligentsia are taught the intricate workings of getting high in Hollywood at seven in the morning. How can the most exclusionary European snobs understand the grit of America’s alleys? For the same reason the worst junkies alive can wrap their minds around Terry’s sensual portraits of celebrities. His photographs are the truth. There is no pretension, no premeditation, and no agenda. Terry Richardson lives his life as a fearless sensualist, and his camera is always in hand capturing every second of the journey. Everything is there, bare and untethered for all to see, and if you are happy to be alive you cannot resist these depictions of our magnificent world gone mad. We see top models in their kitchen making a coffee with awful shorts on. We see the rich and famous cropped so close their age spots look like delicate watercolors. It’s always real, and it’s always right. To put it simply, Richardson’s depictions of his day-to-day are the most sincere and genuine images of the twenty-first century.

Fans of Terry’s work will be excited to hear that Richardson’s forthcoming Deitch show soars past all his previous work. It is his most heartfelt and endearing work to date, a relentless onslaught of everything that makes his photos beautiful, but with more passion and sincerity than ever before. Every person who sees this show will be forever altered because the “God of Truth” has surpassed himself and taken his relentlessly venerated genius to a new height of ecstasy. This is more than a tasteful art show about the beauty we all take for granted. It is the documentation 
of a miracle."

— from the press release as written by the Terry Richardson studio