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The Golden Years - Alcorcón & Móstoles Graffiti (1985-2000)

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300 pages
Edited by Felipe Gálvez and Juan José Moreno
25.5 x 18.7 cm
Language: Spanish
Publisher: Self-published
Edition of 500 copies

During the 1990s, Alcorcón and Móstoles were two of the most painted cities in Europe, being references in style for all those who wanted to see good graffiti. Strolling through its streets was seeing a constant museum of graffiti art, where you could see everything from simple works to elaborate murals. For all this these two cities near Madrid were the pilgrimage sites par excellence of writers and amateurs, both in the capital and throughout Spain.

The Golden Years- Alcorcón & Móstoles Graffiti (1985-2000) shows a good part of the murals that were then made there, as well as comments from their protagonists. If you did not live that time, enjoy this trip to the past, to the golden years of Alcorcón and Móstoles.