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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Thrasher Magazine #478

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26.6 x 20.7 cm
Language: English
Publisher: Thrasher Magazine
May 2020

Milton Martinez smokes a back Smith on a hubba down unda’ for the cover of his SOTY issue, letting you know right away this one’s gonna be a real ripper! Milton brought along a legendary crew to the land of OZ—his brother Eze, Figgy, Collin, Kremer, GT, Omar, Remillard, Louie-Lo, Bækkel and Jack O’Grady. Tattoos, slabs and a whole lotta revs, Jake would be proud. This issue is filled with the gnarliest ghosts of SOTY’s past. Marc Johnson tells it how it is in a massive interview—from the top to rock bottom and back. Tyshawn Jones lets us know he’s not down to share the crown but will be back for the title. That is, of course, after he makes his skrill. We got the REAL team taking over the East Coast—nuthin' but ockie rails and big love. The gangery is real with this crew. Ryan Lay travels to Palestine to work with SkatePal in supporting the youth’s journey in skateboarding. Keep up the great work, Ryan! On that travel tip, Vans Europe causes destruction across the EU, not only in their Airbnbs but the streets too. Think this is a day off? F*ck outta here! In Zounds we got Soccer Mommy, Souls of Mischief and Xantam. As the wise Milton Martinez says, SMOOOKES!