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FREE SHIPPING in France from €100. Europe from €150.

Tisko - Écriture Exclusive: Grandeur et Petitesses du graffiti

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200 pages
Edited by Tisko
25 x 21 cm 
Language: French, English
Publisher: Self-published
Edition of 400 copies

"A couple years ago, Tisko started publishing photos and tales about his graffiti experiences. His profile is particular because of that: the documentation of the act of graffiti becomes a simple part of a more complex picture made of precious records piled over many years of intense activity around yards worldwide.

Now, he grouped a selection of both texts and photos on Écriture Exclusive: Grandeur et Petitesses du graffiti, a 200 pages hardcover book, with a simple and effective layout.

The average graffiti enthusiast will enjoy a balanced mix of subway systems and commuter trains kissed by the author and a few friends, with a variety of styles ranging from quite classic french-straight-letters to experimental ones or savage ink punishments.

More demanding graffiti nerds will appreciate more storytelling images together with (very) interesting texts that represent the highlight of the book, painting a vivid picture of the personality of the author. Texts are of a great quality and variety, ranging from quite classic graffiti tales, to imaginary dialogue format, or little poem, and each one shows a real love for writing, this time intended as proper texts, not graffiti!

Last but not least, each line has its english translation so even if i could bet the original may have even more flow, every english speaking reader will be able to appreciate the book to the fullest.

In conclusion, in a period when tons of new editorial projects pop up each day, this monograph stands out both for the exclusive images of a passionate writer and for the innovative use of the texts which is definitely unique in the panorama." —Pietro Rivasi